Helichrysum Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Helichrysum Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Helichrysum Essential Oil for Pain Relief: All-Natural BullRyder Body Balm™ Active Ingredient

Benefits:Helichrysum essential oil is an exceptional oil, quite expensive and valued for its pain relive properties, as well as its usefulness in reducing bruising, inflammation and scarring.

Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum, H. angustifolium
Method of Extraction: Steam distilled
Parts Used: Flowers
Country of Origin: Corsica
Cultivation Method: Wildcrafted
Primary Components: a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, linalool, terpinen-4-ol, neryl acetate, nerol, geraniol, eugenol, italidone and other b-diketones
Properties: anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, analgesic, cytophylactic, cholagogue and nervine

Helichrysum essential oil is an important component in all-natural BullRyder Body Balm™ due to its many pain relieving properties. If fact, it has been referred to as “Nature’s finest pain reliever”.

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Note: Helichrysum is but one component in our amazing all-natural BullRyder Body Balm™. Each of the active ingredients in our unique blend has exceptional pain relieving qualities alone but, in combination, the pain relieving qualities of each works synergistically with the others to produce an extraordinary pain relief salve whose unique formula was developed by Dr. Joie Power. The ten active ingredients in our all-natural BullRyder Body Balm™ include Essential Oils of: Balsam Poplar, Sweet Birch, Cajuput, Eucalyptus Globulus, Silver Fir, Helichrysum, Lavender and Plai plus St. John’s Wort Oil and Capsaicin.

Description and Uses: Pure, undiluted Helichrysum italicum essential oil, also known as Italian Everlasting or Immortelle, is one of the most useful and important essential oils in aromatherapy, and one that is unmatched for its pain relieving qualities for injuries, bruising and pain relief. Use Helichrysum to enhance any pain relief blend including arthritis, tendonitis, back and neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Helichrysum essential oil is also known for its effectiveness as an anti-depressant, freshening both the mind and body. Helichrysum Essential Oil, also referred to as Everlasting and Immortelle, is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatories available. Helichrysum is also antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

There is anecdotal evidence of Helichrysum Italicum’s amazing power when used on broken bones, stories of doctors being amazed that the break healed in half the estimated time, etc. There is also evidence that it can fade bruises almost overnight, turning an angry new bruise to one that looks like a week old almost healed bruise.  The Helichrysum essential oil acts by having the blood reabsorbed into the tissue, thus removing the discoloration and the pain caused by pressure on the nerves. Dr. Christoph Streicher, along with other authorities, states that Helichrysum, in a base of Rose Hip Seed Oil will fade older scars. Essential oil blends created for arthritis, bruising, or scarring should contain Helichrysum essential oil.

Helichrysum is the only essential oil found to contain certain di-ketones, which may support wound healing and scar reduction. It is suitable for wound healing and for scars, resulting either from accidents, surgery or acne. It may be especially effective when combined with Rose Hip Seed oil.

Helichrysum oil may provide relief of joint pain for individuals with arthritic conditions, with potential significant anti-inflammatory action. Many folks use if for general stiff, painful and tight musculature as well. Helichrysum also offers support for peripheral nerve-related conditions.

Helichrysum essential oil contains anti-inflammatory sesquiterpene hydrocarbons – this compound acts by dissipating free radicals. Helichrysum essential oil’s other major components include neryl acetate, a monoterpenoid ester with distinct, relaxing effects that may reduce tension of the tissues in the area of the injury. The third major component are the regenerative di-ketones, found in significant quantities only in Helichrysum oil. “The pain- reducing, analgesic, and regenerative effect of everlasting (Helichrysum) is unique: If applied in time, it prevents hemorrhaging. It is also very effective for joint pain…” – Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Advanced Aromatherapy.

The health benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti-spasmodic, anti-coagulant, anti-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-hematoma, anti-phlogistic, nervine, anti-inflammatory, anti-tussive, cicatrisant, expectorant, febrifuge, anti septic, cholagogue, emollient, mucolytic, fungicidal, hepatic, diuretic, splenic and cytophylactic.

Helichrysum, the flower that gives that “Everlasting” and “Immortal” Essential Oil, and known by the names Helichrysum Angustifolium and Helichrysum Italicum, is an European herb native to France, Italy and a few neighboring countries. This is a very costly oil and scarcely available, but unlike other essential oils which have short shelf life, this oil can be stored for a long-long time.

This oil has a whole range of remarkable medicinal properties. Some of them are enlisted below.
• Anti-Spasmodic:  Helichrysum Essential Oil is anti-spasmodic and can give you quick relief in cases of spasm.
• Anti-Coagulant: This is a very important and life saving feature of Helichrysum Essential Oil
• Anti-Allergenic: Many types of allergic reactions can be minimized by the use of Helichrysum Essential Oil.
• Anti-Microbial: Helichrysum Oil halts microbial growth and protects from microbial infections.
• Anti-Septic: Helichrysum oil prevents wounds from turning septic
• Anti-Hematoma: The essential oil of Helichrysum helps clear the accumulation of bloods or blood clots which result from a hemorrhage.
• Anti-Phlogistic: Helichrysum Essential Oil is effective in reducing inflammations resulting from fever, being an anti-phlogistic. This can help the patient to go less worn out and exhausted during a fever and it also aids fighting fever.
• Anti-Inflammatory: Apart from giving relief in inflammations resulting from fever, Helichrysum oil also gives relief from inflammations due to other causes.
• Nervine: Helichrysum Oil is a nervine. It keeps your nervous system in order, strengthens it and protects it from disorders. A regular use can protect you from nervous disorders resulting from age and otherwise for a long time. You won’t go nervous over small issues.
• Cicatrisant: This property of Helichrysum Essential Oil makes your wounds and cuts heal up and scar marks disappear fast. It is equally effective on spots left on your skin by pox, boils etc.
• Emollient: This property of Helichrysum Oil makes the skin smooth, soft and helps it retain moisture. It prevents dehydration and cracking of the skin.

Above information obtained from various books and online sources including Wikipedia.